Reading, Rhythm, and the Arts Return – September 2016

The Akoben team is in high gear as we kick off our second year of Reading, Rhythm, and the Arts at Lyndhurst Elementary.  Our goal is to repeat the success of last year, when 100% of the students in preK – 2nd grade finished on or above grade level for reading competency!

I am compelled to shout out to Dr. Sherelle Barnes and the faculty at Lyndhurst – Akoben could not do it’s work without your support.  We are looking forward to another rousing success, and with your help we will expand into a second and possibly third school in 2017.

We also hope to strengthen our engagement with parents, with the goal to increase the amount of time spent reading aloud or along with children at home.  The link between this activity and later reading success is pretty strong (  To this end we’ll be utilizing social media more than ever, in particular Facebook.  I’ll report back later this year and let you know how that’s going.

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