Spring is here! – April 2017

April is a beautiful time of year here in Baltimore – the sun shines more brightly and with more warmth, flowers are in bloom, and trees begin to sprout leaves.  We work hard all year round at Akoben, hoping that as we near the end of another school year we will see our kids blossom as independent readers, all reading at or above grade level, fully prepared for promotion to the next level.

Besides working with the kids, we have been reaching out to other Baltimore community groups and nonprofits who share our vision of a world where growing up in economically stressed conditions does not mean that one must be behind in educational achievement.  We’ve recently received good news that we will be partnering with the Family League to provide summer reading programs, and we are awaiting news on several grants that we hope will allow Akoben to expand our success into as many as eight schools within the next two years.

I want to thank our executive director and board members for working so hard this year to review and improve upon everything we do to assist the children – our clients – to become readers at their full potential.

Soon we will be learning just how well our students did this year in improving their reading skills, and as soon as results are available we will keep you posted!

Best regards,

Bill Blatt

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