Thank you! – January 2017

I want to start the new year off with two very big “Thank You’s!”

First, thank you to the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Maryland Medical School. Akoben was the beneficiary of their 2016 giving campaign, which will result in the purchase of 30 tablets for Akoben students to use. The department raised about $10,000 to make this happen!

Our second “thank you” is to What Works Studios, a creative agency in Baltimore that spends a good deal of time working with nonprofits. They helped us develop our first web site in early 2015, and they came to our rescue in late December 2016 when our website was hacked. No data was compromised but people trying to access our site were redirected to an overseas pharmaceutical sales webpage. What Works got us back online quickly and smoothly!

While we are very pleased with our reading results for the first half of this school year, we are spending the first week of the new year working with our educators to improve our teaching techniques and behavior management skills. While overall attendance is good, we are also exploring ways to resolve chronic absenteeism by a few youngsters.

Later this month we expect to conference with new members of the Baltimore City Council regarding the potential of a formal pilot project using Akoben’s “Reading, Rhythm, and the Arts” program as the after-school model for elementary schools experiencing issues with pre-K through 3rd grade reading results. Wish us luck!

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