Reading, Rhythm and the Arts

“Reading, Rhythm and the Arts” (RRA) is an interactive after school program for grades Pre-K – 3rd. This artistically dynamic program fuses reading literacy and the performing arts. Reading, Rhythm and the Arts brings much focus to reading fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary development; while fostering a creative mind within students that makes the learning process fun. RRA makes use of materials spanning from African drums to dramatic costumes to enhance the learning process for students. Literacy is the pre-requisite for all success; our goal is to ensure that every student who goes through Reading, Rhythm and the Arts is equipped with the skills necessary to be career leadership and college ready.

Why incorporate the arts?

Aside from being tons of fun, there are many studies that link ones participation in the arts and high academic achievement. A ten year longitudinal study by a professor from Stanford University showed that students from impoverished neighborhoods who participated in the arts were more likely to excel academically among their peers. We want to provide a fun and engaging environment for our student participants using methods that have been proven to work!

RRA short-term goal:

Program participants will enter 4th grade with grade level or better reading skills.

RRA long-term goal:

Program participants will graduate from school on time.